• Why is Your BMW’s Air Filter Clogged? Learn the Reasons from Experts of Lowell

    Posted on August 21, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    Your BMW’s high-powered engine requires air to generate combustion and power the car. Air along roads can be contaminated with dirt, bits of leaves, and debris. These are caught by the air filter, so they don’t clog the engine. Unfortunately, this air filter can become clogged over time, undermining the…

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  • Symptoms of Worn Brake Pads in a Lexus in Lowell

    Posted on August 5, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    In your Lexus, the brakes are one of the most important safety features. The brake pads are located near the wheels and are responsible for slowing down or stopping the car when the brake pedal is pressed. The brake pads work by pressing against the brake rotors, which are metal…

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  • Power Door Lock Issues in a Toyota: Causes & Prevention

    Posted on July 20, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    The most significant component of your Toyota’s security is its power door locks. These security components are designed to keep thieves and burglars out of your vehicle. They also make it easy to lock or unlock your car quickly and efficiently. As a result, power door locks that fail to…

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  • How to Avoid Alternator Failure in a Honda in Lowell

    Posted on July 4, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    The alternator’s function in your Honda is to provide electrical energy for all the electrical components and recharge your battery while the engine is running. Your vehicle’s electrical system will become unusable when it fails since they all need its current to run. Ultimately, you may have trouble starting your…

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  • What Causes Windshields to Crack in a Subaru in Lowell?

    Posted on June 18, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    Subaru is a Japanese automaker known for making all-wheel drive standard vehicles. Some of the main models include Impreza, Ascent, and the Crosstreck. While Subaru vehicles are highly rated in safety, there are concerns about their windshield cracking spontaneously. These cracks start from the point of impact and gradually spread…

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  • The Most Sought After Repair Shop in Lowell to Fix Electronic Issues in a BMW

    Posted on June 2, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    Electronic issues in a BMW can pose a big problem for the car. If not properly taken care of, it can result in bigger issues that can bring your model to a halt. As you detect an electronic problem, visit our mechanics for help. Let’s take a closer look at…

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  • The Best Repair Shop in Lowell to Fix a Cracked Engine Block in Your Honda

    Posted on May 17, 2022 by Mechanics Direct

    Honda is the world’s leading brand in engine manufacturing, producing over 23 million units per year. However, the engine blocks fitted in their 2006 to 2009 Civic were susceptible to cracks due to casting defects. This made Honda extend the warranty of all engine block failure in the 8th generation…

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