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Lowell’s Suspension Experts

When you get behind the wheel you expect a smooth trip whether it’s 5 minutes or 5,000 miles. You count on your car to withstand whatever the roads may throw its’ way but sometimes your suspension can take a beating. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance for your vehicle with experts that you know you can trust. The ASE certified mechanics at Mechanics Direct have been servicing Lowell, MA and nearby areas for over 22 years. We make sure that your car’s suspension is maintained no matter what the problem is so that your car continues providing you with the smoothest ride.


There are numerous signs to look for that indicate issues with your suspension.
Do you feel:

  • every little bump
  • a jarring ride
  • the top of car tipping from side to side or is hard to control
  • that the front dips forward or nose dives when braking
  • bottoming out over bumps.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you probably have a suspension or shock issue. Did you know that new shocks and struts can help you stay in control during all driving conditions?

At Mechanics Direct we are experts at diagnosing and repairing any suspension problems. We are also a Certified KYB Ride Control Center as well. So, whether it’s something you hear or feel, we can address your needs in a quick and efficient manner and get your vehicle responding like new again. Independent testing shows that by 50,000 miles most shocks and struts degrade. This impacts everything from stopping distance and steering response to tire performance. When your suspension is worn, your stopping time can increase as much as 23%.***

***Cologne Institute for Traffic Safety
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