The Benefits of Detailing

Is your car all scratched up from road debris? Do you know that many scratches or marks on your vehicle’s paint can be buffed out instead of having to repaint? Having your car annually detailed isn’t an added expense, it’s actually a more cost-effective way to take care of your vehicle and get a longer lifespan.

At Mechanics Direct, our detailing services have benefits for your car that include:
  • Improve your vehicle’s finish
  • Protect the finish and paint
  • Remove minor scuffs, scratches and dings
  • Keep it looking as good as new with fresh waxing and buffing services

When it comes to auto detailing and cleaning that you can count on to protect your car year-round turn to our expert technicians. For years we’ve helped Lowell residents maintain their vehicle’s paint and body through the harsh summers and winters.

What We Do

Our shop offers full vehicle detailing and hand washing services. These help us take care of your entire vehicle’s exterior and interior maintenance. Choose from any of our custom services

  • Hand Wash
  • Hand Chamois Dry
  • Vacuum Entire Interior
  • Clean All Window and Mirrors Inside and Out
  • Dust Dashboard and Console (entire inside)
  • Apply Tire Shine
  • Hand Apply our Gold Class, High Gloss, Carnauba and Polymer Wax with Protection Agents that Reflect the Damaging UV Rays
  • Buff Your Car with our Hand-held Machine to Create a BRILLIANT SHINING FINISH with Strong and Long-Lasting Protection from The Elements!
Have Your Car Detailed Today

It’s only natural to want the best for your car. Annual detailing services will help improve the look of your car and remove all the unsightly dings and scratches that can occur as you drive. Mechanics Direct is happy to help drivers throughout Lowell and surrounding areas including:

Please call us today to schedule your next detailing appointment for your car.


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