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Lexus Airbag Warning

Addressing Lexus Airbag Problems at the Most Sought-After Shop in Lowell

by Mechanics Direct February 7, 2023

If you own a luxury car like the Lexus brand, then you want to be sure of a safe ride every time you get behind the wheel. Lexus is one of the most popular and safe car brands in the automobile industry. Even with the excellent safety features in these cars, they can have issues with the airbag. This important safety feature can sometimes have problems and cause issues. Let’s take a closer look.

Airbags are inflatable softeners or cushions that are built into vehicles to protect occupants from hitting the inside of the vehicle or an external object during a collision. As soon as a crash ensues, sensors calculate the impact intensity and then inflate the airbags immediately. These inflatable cushions are usually situated on the front dashboard and the steering wheels, with some now mounted around the windows to provide side-impact cushions for drivers and passengers.

How an Airbag Works in Milliseconds

Airbags have been designed in cars in such a way that they can be inflated within milliseconds because they are built with incredibly sensitive sensors. These sensors are able to not only detect the gravity of the impact but send the signal in less than a heartbeat for the airbags to deploy.

Applying hard brakes does not trigger the airbag to inflate. They will inflate only on impact of the car’s body, usually in a collision with another car or an obstacle like a pole, fence, or other stationary object. An accelerometer in the car usually controls the inflation of these airbags within 12 to 20 milliseconds for airbags installed at the front. It may take about 6065 milliseconds to be completely inflated, which is barely over half of a second.

How to know if your car has faulty airbags?

Now, almost all cars have been manufactured with a specific diagnostic system that detects faults in an airbag. This works to check if the sensors and circuits are functioning properly in the system. If a fault is detected, it will flash on your dashboard. This is sometimes confused with the airbag icon lighting up on ignition. While your airbag detects the weight of a passenger, it will usually be lit. If your airbag light is flashing, then you know you have a problem.

The Advantages of Having Properly-Functioning Airbags

Airbags in a car are created to protect the driver and the passenger in the front seat in case of a car crash. Before now, most cars had their airbags installed in front; however, car manufacturers have started including side airbags for passengers and ones to protect your backseat passengers, including children in car seats.

When there is a severe crash, the major advantage of the airbags in the car is that they can reduce bodily damage from impact of the collision. If completely inflated, it supports your neck, spine, and head. The airbag reduces the impact of force by limiting the distance between the car frame, window, and steering wheel and that of the driver or passenger.

Airbags also reduce the chance of being ejected through the window if you aren’t wearing a seatbelt. Having airbags in the car does not mean injuries can not be sustained during an accident when they occur. So, it is always best to drive safely than rely on an airbag to save your life.

Lexus Airbag Repair

Allow Mechanics Direct to Inspect Your Lexus Airbags

At Mechanics Direct, we specialize in checking, replacing, and servicing airbag sensors and the functionality of your safety system for Lexus and other makes. We have a team of organized professionals who always provide world-class service. Our mechanics make use of the newest tools when diagnosing and fixing any issue that is brought to our garage. When you bring your car or SUV to us, we will ensure that we get the job done right the first time you come in for that problem.

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