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BMW Adaptive Headlight

Best Repair Shop in Lowell for Tackling BMW Adaptive Headlight Failure

by Mechanics Direct October 28, 2022

BMW is one of the few car companies to offer adaptive headlights as standard equipment on its vehicles. Adaptive headlights are designed to swivel in the direction of a turn, providing better illumination of the road ahead. When you have an automobile with this feature, you want it to work all the time, and when it fails, you need it fixed properly.

How Adaptive Headlights Work

BMW’s system uses a camera mounted on the windshield to track the position of the steering wheel and automatically adjust the angle of the headlights. While adaptive headlights can provide better visibility, they can also cause problems if they fail.

If the camera tracking system fails, the headlights will not swivel correctly, potentially causing them to point in the wrong direction and creating a safety hazard. BMW has issued several recalls for vehicles with defective adaptive headlight systems, so it is important to be aware of this potential problem if you own a BMW with this feature.

What a Failure of Adaptive Headlights Looks Like

Below are four signs that your BMW’s adaptive headlights may be failing:

  • Flickering: If the adaptive headlights are flickering, it could be a sign that they are about to fail.
  • Difficulty seeing at night: If you’re having difficulty seeing at night, it could be because the adaptive headlights aren’t providing adequate illumination.
  • Blinking: If the adaptive headlights are blinking, it could be a sign that they are about to fail.
  • Diminished light output: If the light output from the adaptive headlights is diminished, it could make it extremely difficult for drivers to see in the dark.

BMW recommends that you take your car to a dealer or service center if you notice any of these signs. By doing so, you can have the problem diagnosed and repaired before it causes any further issues.

What causes adaptive headlights to fail?

Since these adaptive headlights have many technical and mechanical parts, they can fail for a variety of reasons:

The adaptive headlight system may not have been properly calibrated at the factory. This can cause the headlights to point in the wrong direction, making it difficult for the driver to see oncoming traffic or obstacles on the road.

The sensor that tells the headlights when to turn on may be dirty or covered, preventing it from functioning properly.

The wires that connect the headlight to the rest of the car may be damaged or loose, causing an interruption in the electrical signal.

Finally, the ballast itself may be defective, preventing power from reaching the headlights.

If you own a BMW with adaptive headlights, it is important to be aware of these potential issues so you can identify a problem in its early stages. If your headlights are not working properly, contact our certified BMW service center for assistance, as we have the knowledge to find the root cause and fix it properly — quickly and affordably.

We Have You Covered

Fortunately, our team of skilled mechanics is equipped to handle this type of repair. We will start by conducting a thorough diagnostic test to identify the root cause of the problem. Once we have determined the cause, we will make the necessary repairs and have your BMW’s adaptive headlights back up and running in no time.

Routine maintenance is important to keep these headlights functioning properly. Over time, the adjustable mechanism can become worn down, making it less effective at angle adjustment. As a result, it’s important to have the BMW serviced regularly to ensure that all features are working properly. Not only will this help to keep your BMW running smoothly, but it will also help to keep drivers safe on the road.

BMW Adaptive Headlight Repair

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