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Acura O2 Sensor

Common Acura Sensor Issues and Solutions, From Expert Mechanics in Lowell

by Mechanics Direct July 12, 2020

The functioning of any vehicle requires the near-constant exchange of information between different parts. This is especially true of Acuras that operate at high levels of efficiency and power. Responsible for this exchange of information are various sensors located in different positions around the car. This article will discuss the different ways that these sensors can start to break down and fail to perform properly and also how those will affect your Acura.

Some of the sensors in your Acura are listed below, along with some of the issues related to their failure or malfunctioning.

Parking Sensors

Many modern vehicles come with sensors to assist you in parking, which can be especially tricky when parallel parking, the foe of many drivers. Acura’s newer models come with these sensors located on the rear bumper. These are in place solely to assist the driver and do not play a role in engine performance.

More often than not, any problems that arise related to parking sensors are caused by faulty installation, not any sort of technical malfunctioning. For example, if your Acura begins to beep even when there is not anything directly behind the vehicle, the parking sensors were probably placed and positioned in the wrong place.

O2 Sensor

The oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor, is located near the exhaust in your vehicle and is responsible for measuring the content of the exhaust. The O2 sensor determines the amount of oxygen within the exhaust and compares it to the outside air. This information is used to determine whether the engine is running a fuel mixture that is too rich or too lean.

The oxygen sensor plays a role in the content of the air-fuel mixture to ensure proper combustion timing to avoid engine misfires. When the O2 sensor deteriorates, a problem that Acuras are known to experience, the air-fuel mixture will not be appropriate and efficiency will quickly drop. Running rough or rough idling is also a common sign of a broken or deteriorated oxygen sensor.

Coolant Temperature Sensor

The coolant temperature sensor, or coolant temperature switch, is responsible for measuring the temperature of the coolant in the engine that circulates through the cylinders and engine block that keeps the engine’s temperature constant. It then sends a message to the powertrain control module, which uses the information to adjust the richness or leanness of the air-fuel mixture.

Your Acura’s coolant temperature sensor is crucial to its operation but is also prone to wear and tear and possible malfunction. One issue with the coolant temperature sensor is if it becomes clogged, the engine will easily overheat. A broken coolant temperature sensor will also cause your Acura to operate less efficiently.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor is located between the air filter and the throttle body. This sensor is responsible for controlling how much air enters the engine. This sensor is also employed in the role of achieving a proper air-fuel mixture.

The mass air flow sensor is critical to your Acura. Some issues that arise related to its operation include an air-fuel mixture that is too rich in fuel or too lean in fuel. Either one of these causes your car to not run efficiently. If the mass air flow sensor stops working, you may notice your car jerking or hesitating while accelerating.

Acura MAF Sensor Check

Mechanics Direct Will Help

There are many more sensors in your Acura than we’ve discussed today, and we understand just how frustrating it can be when they stop working correctly. Mechanics Direct in Lowell, Massachusetts can answer any of your questions about your Acura’s sensors. We have the experience and expertise to repair or replace them when necessary.

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