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Subaru High Engine Temperature

Common Subaru Cooling System Problems in Lowell

by Mechanics Direct December 16, 2019

Whether you have a Legacy, Impreza, Outback, or other Subaru automobile, its engine has different mechanisms in place to keep it cool enough for continuous safe driving and to prevent the components of your car from overheating. The entire cooling system is comprised of multiple fans, a thermostat, and a coolant reservoir. Many of these cooling systems can begin to fail for a variety of reasons, some of which are common and inexpensive to fix.

However, it is critically important to determine the exact reasons for any issues with the cooling system, since overheating can be difficult and dangerous. When a Subaru’s engine becomes extremely hot, the motor could actually start to melt if the temperature is not quickly lowered. In this article, information is provided on the possible causes for failing cooling systems as well as tips for how to fix them.

Symptoms That May Indicate a Cooling System Issue

Modern cooling systems incorporate a water pump used to inject or force coolant (commonly referred to as antifreeze) throughout the vehicle’s engine. The purpose of the coolant is to constantly regulate temperature. If the cooling system is failing, you should be on the lookout for any of the following signs or symptoms:

Temperature Hikes

If the temperature gauge on the dashboard rises to the cautionary hot zone and an indicator light comes on for the cooling system, they are warning you of serious signs of overheating. You need to take the car to a professional service shop immediately.

Hood Smoke

White steam coming from beneath the hood is a good indicator of engine overheating. This visual cue is caused by coolant that has leaked inside the engine, is being burned in the combustion chamber, and producing exhaust smoke. After turning the car off long enough for the engine to cool, you should first check to ensure you have the proper coolant levels.

Coolant Leaks

Visible coolant leaks can be one of the most obvious indicators of a cooling system problem, since the liquid is commonly bright green in color. This leakage of antifreeze could create a potentially dangerous situation, since most coolants are poisonous, especially to animals and plant life. The Subaru should be taken to a reputable service center to diagnose and repair drips and leaks.

Possible Causes for Cooling System Troubles

Some of the most common culprits of a faulty cooling system can be attributed to general aging, normal wear and tear, or by neglecting to regularly take the automobile in for maintenance. Below are frequent causes for problematic cooling systems.

Failing Cooling Fan

A Subaru that begins to overheat while being slowly driven may have a bad likely cooling fan which is not powering up completely. A pulse-moderated fan motor controls the cooling fan’s speed in most Subaru models. If it does not power up fully, the fan will slow or stop.

Radiator Dirt and Debris

Airflow becomes hampered when common dirt and debris becomes lodged between the A/C condenser and radiator. Unlike traditional water hoses used for debris removal, modern vehicle designs require more in-depth cleansing or full radiator flushes.

Bad Head Gasket or Leak

A red flag of having a malfunctioning cooling system is a leaking head gasket, also commonly referred to as a “blown head gasket”. The severity of the issue varies greatly depending on the temperature of the vehicle’s engine. Head gasket leaks usually occur because gases have become trapped inside a cold thermostat of a cold system or because coolant is disappearing without any of the visible, obvious signs of coolant leaks.

Let Us Diagnose Your Cooling System

As the local leader in Japanese and German vehicle Subaru Bad Head Gasket Repair service and repair, Mechanics Direct can help diagnose any cooling system problems you may be experiencing. For over two decades, we have been the local go-to automotive center for the North Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Dracut, Tyngsborough, Westford, and Lowell, MA areas. In addition to thoroughly searching for the best solutions to your individual auto issues, we offer free 110-point inspections for all customers.

As a strong believer in giving back to our community, Mechanics Direct always donate a portion of any proceeds received from serviced vehicles to the Lowell Humane Society of Massachusetts. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for any of your maintenance, service, repair, or diagnostic needs.