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Lexus Suspension

Different Reasons for Suspension Problems in Your Lexus

by Mechanics Direct August 29, 2020

The suspension in your vehicle is responsible for a smooth ride. The suspension softens the impact when you go too fast over a pothole. It keeps passengers comfortable and safe as you go around corners, and it eases the jolting effects of braking.

Lexus models, which are world-renowned for their class and comfort, are built with industry-leading suspension technology. This will eventually need maintenance and repairs.

There are also a few Lexus models known for their problematic suspension, such as the GX 470. When your suspension begins to give, whether it’s due to faulty materials, accidental damage, or general wear and tear, you’ll want to be aware of the signs and causes. Knowing what to look for can make the difference between a small repair and a total replacement of your system.

Symptoms of Suspension Failure

There are a couple of obvious signs of suspension failure as well as a few slightly less than clear signals something is wrong. If you suspect any of these issues in your Lexus, bring your car to a certified mechanic sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done.

Your Vehicle Pulls to the Side

If you notice your vehicle insists on veering right or left, or if you have to fight your steering wheel to keep your vehicle moving straight, this is a clear sign of suspension issues.

Bumpy Ride

One of the most obvious signs your car has a failing suspension is if you’re suddenly jolting in your seat on the slightly bumps and curves. If your car bounces more than usual after hitting a pothole, that’s a clear signal your suspension has an issue.

Uneven Tire Wear

Assuming your tires are rotated regularly, they should wear down at roughly the same rate. If you notice one of your tires or both tires on one side of your car seems to experience more wear than the others, this can be a sign that your suspension is giving out.

One Corner Sits Low

You may notice this symptom in conjunction with uneven tire wear. If your vehicle sits lower on one corner than the others, your shocks are probably wearing down.

Lurching Forward when You Stop

If your vehicle “nosedives” forward when you stop, you may be having failure of your struts or shocks. If even a gentle braking causes your Lexus to leap forward, it may be time to have those parts replaced.

Greasy Shocks

Greasy or oily shocks are a sign of fluid leak and a cause of suspension issues.

Reasons for a Failing Suspension

There are several causes of a failed suspension, some more common than the others. While you can’t truly prevent any of these problems, you can take steps to avoid some of them.

Actions you can take include having your vehicle inspected and maintained regularly, driving carefully, and avoiding roads with lots of potholes.

  • Damaged control arms can present as rattling or steering issues while you’re driving. These components hold your wheels to your car frame and also connect your steering capabilities to your wheels.
  • Misaligned wheels have a number of causes, all of which can lead to suspension issues. If your wheels are misaligned, you may notice uneven tire wear and a pulling sensation on your steering wheel when you drive.
  • Broken springs are an essential component of your suspension system, and if they were broken through wear and tear or sudden damage, you may notice sagging on one or more corners of your vehicle.
  • Worn shock absorbers are typically caused by everyday wear and tear over a long period of time. If your shocks crack, break, or mushroom, you’ll feel every bump in the road, no matter how small.

Lexus Suspension Problem Fix

How Mechanics Direct Can Help

Mechanics Direct of North Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Dracut, Tyngsborough, Westford, and Lowell, MA specializes in Japanese and German auto imports. If you suspect suspension issues in your Lexus, bring it in today for outstanding service and an honest discussion of your vehicle’s needs.

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