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Lexus Engine Overheating

How is Your Lexus Performance Affected by a Failing Water Pump?

by Mechanics Direct February 4, 2022

Water pump failure is one very common issue that is attributed to vehicles of the Lexus brand. It is a very delicate issue that requires swift attention as soon as it is noticed. It could pose a major risk to the efficiency of the engine as well as safety of the driver. This is why you must be able to detect when your Lexus is suffering a failing water pump and what to do to correct the issue.

The Water Pump

The water pump is a component of your Lexus that performs major functions to enhance the overall function of your engine, making sure it gives you optimal output. It serves the coolant into the engine of your car and other parts like the hose, cylinders, and radiator. This allows it to manage the temperature of your car engine, working with other components like the coolant reservoir and temperature gauge.

The engine has many components in it which it needs to run. While the engine is in use, there is tremendous friction between these parts. They generate extreme heat and high temperatures, such that they could damage the engine if not properly measured and managed.

The coolant that the water pump supplies into the engine helps to regulate the temperature and avoid issues like overheating engine malfunction of any kind, such as misfiring, etc. These also make up the effects of a water pump failure on your Lexus.

Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump in Your Lexus

When your Lexus is suffering from a failing water pump, you would begin to notice some things in your car. These are obvious indicators of a failing water pump in your Lexus and they may include:

  • Leakage of Coolant: The water pump carries coolant to your car engine to reduce its heat and maintain a safe temperature for its proper function. If it develops a fault, the coolant that it transports might begin to leak from the hose that it passes through to reach the engine. If you notice a spill of a colored substance beneath your car while it is parked, usually with a pleasant smell, it is likely a coolant leak. This might be a sign of a failing water pump that needs your urgent attention.
  • Check Engine Light: The check engine light comes on to alert you of any error in the function of any part of your car, especially the engine. Usually, when the check engine light in your car comes on, there is an issue that needs urgent expert attention. This issue could be the failure of your car’s water pump. If the check engine light begins to come on regularly, you should check your car as soon as possible.
  • Overheating: Overheating is an extreme temperature imbalance in your car engine which is caused by excessive heat generated by frequent friction of parts in the engine. This happens as a result of a lack of coolant supply into the engine to help regulate the temperature. Since the water pump is responsible for sending coolant into the engine, the coolant may have developed a fault. Call for a technician’s help immediately.
  • Metal Rust: When a polluted or corrosive coolant is used in the car and it goes through the water pump to the car engine, it could cause rust on the water pump. Coolant can be contaminated or unfitting for your car. This is why you should be careful when choosing which coolant to buy. Also, if you notice any rust on the surface of the water pump of your car, reach out to your mechanic immediately.

Lexus Water Pump Replacement

How to Fix a Failing Water Pump in Your Lexus

Water pump issues can be avoided, and this is far less expensive than replacing engine parts due to damage. However, if you notice a failing water pump in your car, what your Lexus needs is proper repair by an expert technician.

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