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How to Deal with Ignition Lock Tumbler Failure in Your Mercedes

by Mechanics Direct February 14, 2019

Aside from stunning car designs and an amazing driving experience, many drivers also love their Mercedes for its quality engineering and vehicle longevity. However, even with the very best technology the German automotive industry offers, without the proper care, even top-tier luxury vehicles will begin to show the effects of time and use.

In this article we’ll be learning more about the ignition lock tumbler in your Mercedes, as well as the signs and symptoms of potential failure and how to manage any issue with the mechanism, should it fail entirely.

What is the Ignition Lock Tumbler?

Also commonly referred to as the ‘ignition lock cylinder’, your vehicle’s’ ignition lock tumbler is the integral mechanism for starting your car. Comprising of the tumbler and key assembly, when the ignition lock tumbler is successfully initiated, ignition is able to occur in the engine, allowing you to operate the vehicle. An ignition lock tumbler also allows you in instigate the cars accessory systems, such as the radio. Because it is involved in many different ignition processes, there can often be a broad range of signs and symptoms of future, or current failure.

How do I Know if my Ignition Lock Tumbler has Failed?

As mentioned above, as the ignition lock tumbler deals with many facets of starting up your Mercedes, there can be a broad range of signs that could indicate failure. Listed below are some of the most common symptoms you may encounter.

The Car Won’t Start!

Probably the sign of complete ignition tumbler failure that panics drivers the most is a car that won’t start. Because the ignition lock tumbler is responsible for the initial ignition that starts your vehicle, if it isn’t working, neither is your engine. Oftentimes when this occurs drivers can panic, frantically popping the hood and poking around, when the issue has nothing to do with a fault in the engine at all. An inexperienced hand delving into a vehicle’s interior is never a recipe for success, so if your Mercedes fails to start for any reason, its best to contact the professionals.

If your car still starts, but takes several tries, then this is also a typical signal that your ignition lock tumbler is on the fritz and requires servicing as soon as possible.

A Sticky Key

Finding it tricky to smoothly insert and remove your key is another potential warning of failure. If this is happening to you, then first off, check your key over. Is there any damage or warping that could be producing the difficulty? If you think this is the case, then it’s best to replace your key as soon as possible to preserve the condition of your ignition key tumbler, as a warped key could misalign the cylinder.

If you key is spotless, then it may be that your ignition key tumbler is being impaired by small fragments of metal from repeated insertion of the key over time. If you feel this is the likely reason, then it’s best to have your ignition key tumbler serviced by a professional mechanic.

Fixing a Failed Ignition Lock Tumbler

Unless you have experience in automotive repair, its best to leave the servicing or replacement of your ignition lock tumbler to a mechanic. For a similar set of reasons to blindly delving beneath the hood, any aspect of your car that is connected to the functionality of your engine is best handled by a professional. After all, you really don’t want to turn what was a simple affordable fix into an expensive complete vehicle overhaul!

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