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Mercedes-Benz Steering

How to Deal With Loose Front End Steering in Your Mercedes

by Mechanics Direct July 3, 2021

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most respected car brands in the world. Known for their style and performance, driving a Mercedes is an experience like no other. These cars are fairly reliable vehicles but the Mercedes can encounter certain problems that inhibit the optimal driving experience you expect. One issue that can occur is problems with the front end steering system.

The Steering System

The steering system of your Mercedes is what keeps you in your lane and helps you turn your vehicle. If your steering starts to begin feeling loose, it’s critical to take your Mercedes to a shop to get the system check out immediately.

With a loose steering system, it can be difficult to keep your car on course, and you’ll have to over-correct your driving to avoid accidents. This is unsafe for everyone on the road, and it can simply be frightening to not have total control over your vehicle.

Knowing the parts of your steering system is the first step to correcting a potential problem with it. The components of your Mercedes steering system are as follows:

  • The rack and pinion or “steering box,” connects the steering column to the steering wheel.
  • Linkages connect the wheel assemblies to the steering box
  • Front suspension: this part holds your tires in place and enables pivoting of the wheel assemblies

Symptoms Of A Loose Front End Steering System

This problem can present itself in a few ways, all of which are fairly easy to notice.

Worn tie rods are the most common cause of loose front end steering in your Mercedes. Some obvious symptoms of loose components of the steering system include knocking sounds from within your car, as well as your steering wheel vibrating, and your vehicle wandering from side to side as you drive down the road.

Tie rods are what connect the steering box to the steering wheel. They are responsible for communicating information to your wheels to tell them to move as you turn the wheel. They will get worn out over time, causing them to be less reliable, which leads to more loose front end steering.

This issue can sometimes be fixed with an adjustment, while other times the entire steering box/rack unit needs a replacement.

An additional problem that can occur with loose front end steering is the ball joints receiving wear and tear. The ball joints connect suspension components to your Mercedes wheel hubs. The most common reason for ball joint failure is inadequate lubrication of the joints. This can lead to loose steering or even banging sounds.

How To Avoid These Problems

The best thing you can do to avoid problems of any kind, including with your steering system, is to take your Mercedes for regular services & maintenance checks. You never want to end up with a loose steering system, as this can be dangerous to you and others.

If your Mercedes does develop loose front end steering, there are trained mechanics available to help you combat the problem before you end up in an accident.

Mechanics Direct: Your Mercedes Specialists

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In addition to servicing your steering system and correcting any front end steering problems, we also offer the following services for your Mercedes-Benz:

Mercedes Loose Front End Steering Fix

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above symptoms of a faulty or loose front end steering system, bring your Mercedes to see us today and avoid further problems or worse, an accident. Call us today to schedule an inspection, service, or Mercedes maintenance. We look forward to working with you and showing you why we’re the best in the area!

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