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Subaru Suspension

How To Fix Suspension Issues In Your Subaru

by Mechanics Direct October 25, 2021

Subaru was founded in 1953 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan as an automobile manufacturing division of Subaru Corporation. Through rigorous testing, Subaru vehicles are built to high standards in comfort, performance, and durability. While all of these automobiles meet the minimum standards, Subarus are known for suspension issues.

A suspension system is a protective, shock-absorbing system made of many components including springs and shocks.

  • Springs found in the suspension system are designed to control the height and load of the suspension and cabin.
  • Shocks, also known as dampers, are designed to absorb kinetic energy transmitted from your tires when they make contact with the road.

Subaru utilizes a 4-wheel independent suspension system designed for ground clearance and exceptional balance to handle any obstacles the road throws your way. The smoothness of the double-wishbone rear suspension design reacts to bumps in the road without compromising the performance of the vehicle.

Symptoms of Suspension Issues

There are several symptoms associated with suspension issues with the most common being:

  • Excessive vehicle bouncing when hitting a bump
  • Your car may pull more to one side or the other
  • The nose of your Subaru may dip low when coming to a stop
  • Oily shock absorbers indicating a fluid leak

Poor handling, an abnormally rough ride, and excessive bouncing while driving your Subaru are commonly reported symptoms of suspension issues. Have your Subaru inspected immediately if any of these signs are present as they increase the risk of a motor vehicle accident occurring that could cause serious bodily injury to the driver and other occupants.

When your Subaru pulls harder to one side or the other your vehicle is likely experiencing an “offalignment as a result of a worn-out suspension system. It is important that you have your vehicle’s alignment checked if you experience uneven tire wear, your vehicle pulling to one side, or you find yourself needing to replace tires more often than usual.

As you apply the brakes when coming to a stop, the front of your Subaru will sink slightly lower depending on how hard you apply the brakes. When the suspension system is failing, damaged, or worn your vehicle will “nose dive” significantly as you press the brakes – no matter how hard the brakes are applied.

While the above-mentioned signs are noticeable to Subaru users while they are driving, there is something that can indicate a suspension system problem before you enter the vehicle. Visually inspect your Subaru while it is not moving. If one corner appears to be lower than the other three, the springs in your Subaru suspension are no longer functioning as it was designed to do.

Components of the Subaru suspension system are made of cast steel, aluminum, or forged steel making them unable to be repaired in the event of damage. Expert mechanics recommend that drivers do not attempt to straighten a damaged suspension component due to the increased risk of bodily injury. Suspension parts that are damaged due to road debris, a collision, or normal wear require drivers to replace the damaged part with a new one.

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Subaru Suspension Maintenance

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