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Importance of Brake Boosters For Your Car

by Mechanics Direct March 12, 2019

A car is a brilliant, yet complicated piece of machinery, with a variety of intricate parts and mechanisms that can become quite overwhelming for many drivers when it comes to proper maintenance.

It is widely understood by most vehicle owners, however, that anything involving the braking system of an automobile is an essential safety feature, both for you as a driver and your passengers, as well as other road users and pedestrians. But what actually goes into the braking system, and how can you ensure you brake efficiently and with ease? In this article we’ll be helping to demystify one of the most important features of many modern cars’ braking systems: the brake booster.

What are Brake Boosters?

Typically found in most modern cars, the brake booster is an integral part of the braking system. Brake boosters externally look like round black canisters, which house the vacuums and valves needed for a smooth braking experience.

A brake booster is, to a cars’ braking system, what power-steering is to the cars steering system. A brake boosters’ core purpose is to allow you to stop effectively with very little pressure applied to the brake pedal.

How do Brake Boosters work?

Ranging from one or two diaphragms, depending on the size of your vehicle, the brake boosters main aim is to increase the force that is applied to the brake pedal, without the driver having to exert more than a gentle press.

Braking systems of the past typically solely relied on brake fluid, a liquid that applies pressure upon the breaks to halt the car. Oftentimes though, this liquid would not be enough to effectively stop the car within a short time frame, and would result in more of a gradual slow, than an abrupt emergency stop.

Compared to brake fluid alone, brake boosters are able to multiply the pressure enforced upon the braking system up to two to four times more than the size of the boosters’ diaphragm. In turn this causes more abrupt, effective braking, with the drive no longer needing to stamp on the pedal incase of an emergency.

Upon pressing of the brake pedal by the driver, the brake shaft, which is attached to the pedal, is pushed forward, thrusting a piston into the brake cylinder. Brake fluid then passes through the system, creating the pressure that is required for the braking process. The brake boosters enhance the ease of this process by using the engines vacuum to enforce the pedal with increased strength, perfectly counterbalancing the high-pressure traditionally required for smooth operation of the braking system.

Why is a Brake Booster So Important?

When it comes to braking to avoid accident or injury, every millisecond really does count. Because brake boosters allow for effective breaking with minimal force applied to the pedal, the reaction and response time required by the driver is greatly reduced. Afterall, we all know that the difference between a collision and a near miss is often mere moments.

A car with brake boosters is also ideal for elderly or physically impaired motorists, as, no matter the size of the vehicle, braking is a physically gentle process. This can drastically help reduce the aches and pains causes by overexertion or repetitive strain of sensitive muscles and joints. This factor is also a boon to those who drive regularly for their job, such as long distance drivers, as muscle fatigue is reduced.

Can I Add Brake Boosters to my Car?

A quality mechanic can definitely install brake boosters to your vehicle, as well as inspect, maintain, or replace them if they have become ineffective. Brake boosters really are an essential feature of modern motoring, as they give drivers peace of mind, as well the confidence to know that should they find themselves in an emergency situation, their braking system won’t them down.

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