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BMW Used Fuel Injector

Is Your BMW Fuel Injector Not Functioning While Driving in Lowell?

by Mechanics Direct January 9, 2020

High-performance modern cars, such as your BMW, rely on a variety of precision-made systems to ensure the very best in engine and driving performance. This makes hitting the road feel better than ever before. It also means that care and maintenance practices need to be stringent to ensure standards don’t slip.

One such part which requires good maintenance and servicing to perform correctly are your BMW’s fuel injectors. With time and use, these parts can start to underperform, which can impact the overall performance of your car. With this in mind, in this article, we will discuss fuel injectors, how to tell if the components are functioning correctly, and advise you how to resolve this issue.

What are fuel injectors?

The fuel injectors are essentially nozzles which are designed to precisely spray fuel into the engine read for ignition. They are electronically controlled by your BMW’s onboard computer and can spray in a range of different speeds and angles to ensure optimal conditions. A fully-working fuel injector will be able to perform the full range of angles and pressures and will be able to change between these as needed.

Signs of Injector Malfunction

There are many signs and symptoms that show your fuel injectors are underperforming. The handy list below highlights the most common signs you might notice:

1. Restricted Spray

The fuel injectors are prone to clogging, and as they are such precise machines, even a reduction in spray of 10% can have and overarching impact on your engine performance. Blockages can cause lean misfires, which are when the air-to-fuel ratio in your engine is incorrect and ignition cannot occur.

2. Turbocharger Failure

If the fuel injectors become blocked or excessively dirty, they can contribute to total engine failure in vehicles with a turbocharged system. This is because when a vehicle enters turbo mode, the fuel injectors need to provide as much fuel as possible to give the engine the kick it needs. Without this, the engine can run lean, resulting in engine damage that can be very costly to fix.

3. Heat Soak

Heat soak is one of the main reasons why your injectors become blocked in the first place. This phenomenon occurs when the engine is shut off. Fuel is able to evaporate inside the nozzles, and overtime, this will leave behind a residue which leads to a blockage. Heat soak occurs more commonly in vehicles only used for short trips.

4. Engine Trouble

Faulty fuel injectors can cause your engine to run lean. Misfires, stalling, starting trouble, and rough idling can all be expected to increase with lean issues. This can ruin the joy you had driving your luxury car. It should be investigated and remedied as soon as possible.

5. Illumination of Check Engine Light

Regular misfires can cause your car’s onboard computer to detect an engine issue and illuminate the check engine warning light on your dashboard. A mechanic will be able to use diagnostic tools to assess the error codes, which will help you to know if the injectors are to blame.

6. Poor Performance Levels

With any change in the engine’s delicate balance of systems, a part failure will impact upon overall performance levels. This is because the engine will have to work in a way which it was not designed, or other systems will have to compensate for the failure, resulting in lowered overall performance.


Fuel injectors are designed to last the entire lifespan of your vehicle. However, without the correct care and maintenance, you may find you need to BMW Fuel Injector Check seek replacements once or maybe twice, leaving you needlessly out of pocket. To avoid this, you should keep on top of your servicing and maintenance routines, as in the long run, this will save you both time and money.

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