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Mercedes Gear Selector Issue

Noticeable Signs of Gear Selector Issues in Your Mercedes

by Mechanics Direct November 11, 2021

Gear selectors aren’t just used for moving through gears in your Mercedes. They also play an integral role in selecting the Drive, Neutral, and Park positions. So, when the gear selector in your Mercedes has issues, it can cause a variety of other concerns, as well.

The main gear selector issue consists of the gear shifter becoming lodged in one position. However, difficulty moving through positions or a failure to lock in place could occur, too. Oftentimes, underlying problems are to blame for your gear selector issues, and these can’t be corrected by the average driver.

Let’s take a look at why your gear selector may malfunction in your Mercedes and what you can do when this happens. We’ll also take into consideration how you can keep this from occurring in the first place.

Causes of Mercedes Gear Selector Issues

When something goes wrong with a Mercedes vehicle, owners always want to know what caused it. This allows us to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Here are a few common causes of gear selector mishaps in Mercedes vehicles:

  • Mechanical problems: Underlying component issues or powertrain concerns can cause your gear selector to malfunction. These include a faulty water pump, oil slippage, and improper levels of transmission oil.
  • Transmission goes into “limp” mode: When the gears of your transmission don’t shift properly, it can skip to a second or third gear which is actually a protective mechanism to prevent further damage.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance or upkeep: It’s easy for dirt and debris to get down into the gear selector of your Mercedes, so it can be beneficial to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent it from building up.
  • Factory issues: You can’t prevent Mercedes gear selector issues from happening all the time. In some instances, they are bound to happen, regardless of care. Factory issues can include defects that were in place before you even got your Mercedes.

Fixes for Your Mercedes Gearbox

Most of the time, it is best to leave mechanical issues in your Mercedes to the professionals. Yet, sometimes you can perform troubleshooting tasks that can help narrow down the source of your Mercedes gear selector issues.

  • Transmission Enters Limp Mode: If this happens to your Mercedes, there isn’t much you can do other than describe the symptoms your Mercedes is having to a professional. It takes advanced diagnostics and testing to address this concern, so be sure to bring your vehicle to Mechanics Direct when this occurs.
  • Electrical Issue: This can include malfunctioning solenoids, a faulty speed sensor, or a transmission module issue. Caused by a potential voltage overload, water in the system, or regular vibrations, these concerns are costly to repair.
  • Necessary Transmission Replacement: When the issue becomes large enough, there may be nothing more you can do than replace the transmission. Of course, this is very costly and time-consuming, so if you can avoid this requirement, do so at all costs.

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

Mechanics Direct Will Fix Gear Selector Issues

Troubleshooting your transmission to find the potential cause of a faulty gear selector in your Mercedes is not an easy task. However, the professionals at Mechanics Direct are here to help when you need them the most. We serve a variety of areas in Massachusetts, including North Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Dracut, Tyngsborough, Westford, and Lowell, so you can be sure to access our quality services from any nearby locale.

We put honesty at the forefront of our business model, so you can rest assured we offer transparent services and pricing for the benefit of our customers. Our business model is centered around our customers, so we offer complimentary loaner cars or a shuttle when your vehicle is in our shop. After we fix your Mercedes, we also offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on our services.

When you come into Mechanics Direct, we want to get to know you and your vehicle. You aren’t just another number to us, and we aim to prove that to you through our top-quality service and reputable interactions. If you’re in need of a gear selector issue evaluation, give us a call at Mechanics Direct at (978) 934-9395 today.