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Probable Causes of a Power Steering Hose Failure in Your Honda

by Mechanics Direct February 21, 2022

Hondas are amazing vehicles to own but they may be prone to experiencing power steering failures from time to time. A power steering hose is a pipe that works under high pressure to carry power steering fluid from the power steering pump to the power steering rack and back again. This helps when you need to turn your car easily, especially on sharp bends and U-turns. Without it, one would need to use a lot of muscle to turn a car.

There are a number of reasons that may cause this power steering hose to fail. Knowing these possible causes could help you in preventing the failure and having a convenient and effective vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of these most probable reasons for failure.

Low Fluid Levels

There’s a specific amount of power steering fluid that is required by Hondas to ensure that the power steering hose is working effectively. If you check under the hood of your Honda, you will find a little reservoir that contains minimum and maximum markings. These indicate the levels of fluid that are required for the power steering pump to work effectively.

If the level of fluid goes below the minimum then this could cause too much friction in the power steering pump which acts exactly like a hydraulic pump. The inadequate lubrication combined with a rise in temperature of the steering liquid could cause the pump to start wearing. This causes damage and failure to the power steering hose.

Damaged Belt

Hondas use power steering pumps that are connected to the engine using a belt. This belt helps in supplying the pump with constant power from the engine. Belts can always wear out by cracking or fraying. When this happens, it reduces the pressure flowing through the pump which could in turn lead to power steering failure making the car very stiff and hard to maneuver. If the belt snaps, the whole power steering system could fail as there is no more supply of power from the engine.

Contaminated Fluid

In order for the power steering system to work properly, the steering fluid must be pure and free from contamination. Contamination of the fluid could occur when the hoses and tubes used in the system start wearing out.

Moisture could also get into the fluid which then changes the material composition of the fluid leading to increased friction. When this happens, the fluid is not able to work optimally and the car may become harder to steer.

Worn Out Pump

The power steering pump is constantly working to push the fluid through the steering system. Over time, the pump starts to age and wear out causing friction between the parts. When this happens, the pump is not able to exert as much pressure to the fluid running through the system. Reduced pressure will then cause the car to become stiffer.

If the pump were to lose all its pressure, then the whole steering system would fail. You would be forced to repair the whole power steering system.

Fluid Leaks

This is arguably the most annoying and most common factor of power steering system failure. The system requires the hydraulic steering liquid to function. Hoses could start wearing out or the seals used to secure the steering liquid could come loose, causing the hydraulic steering liquid to start leaking. Even the smallest leak can greatly affect and reduce the pressure flowing through the system. When the pressure gets reduced, this causes the car to stiffen making it harder for it to steer.

To repair fluid leaks, it may be necessary to replace the hoses and seals or even the whole pump itself, which could be quite costly.

Honda Power Steering Pump Check

Mechanics Direct Comes to the Rescue of Your Honda

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