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Reasons for a Damaged Hose in an Acura

by Mechanics Direct September 30, 2020

Underneath the hood of your Acura is an intricate series of systems that all communicate with each other to ensure that your car operates safely, smoothly, and properly. The heart of your Acura is the engine. Because of this, it has multiple parts that make it work. Your Acura’s engine has vacuum hoses that connect to the engine in various places and make you engine work.

Vacuum hoses have difficult jobs to do and are susceptible to damage. Since they are extremely important to the health of your Acura, you should make sure they are in working condition. Here are a few reasons your vacuum hoses might be in need of repair.

Leaking Parts

A leak can occur in the vacuum hoses and tubes. Some of these parts include actuators, solenoids, valves and regulators. Cars made in the past twenty to thirty years have many valves that need a vacuum source to operate correctly. Parts like the exhaust gas recirculation, fuel pressure regulators and purge valves require functioning vacuum sources in order to work. If there is a crack or fail in any of them, a vacuum leak can occur.

Older cars have air conditioning, heat, and door locks that need vacuum-operated actuators to function. Even if it is a leak that causes more inconvenience than anything, like your air conditioning failing, you should bring your Acura in to have the leak looked at.

Broken Vacuum Tube or Hose

This is the most common cause for a vacuum leak. If a vacuum hose or tube is broken, torn, or disconnected, the vacuum hose and the parts that rely on it to work won’t function properly. These breaks can be caused by the extreme heat created by the internal combustion engine. Over time, the vacuum tubes, which are made of rubber and plastic, can deteriorate and break which will cause a leak.

Along with the vacuum hose breaking, the fittings that connect the tubes can break as well. If you suspect a break, bring your Acura in to get checked.

Leaky Gaskets and Seals

Your engine is made up of gaskets and seals that contain liquids that are necessary for your car to run. Liquids like coolant and oil are stored in gaskets and seals, but gaskets and seals are also used to create airtight seals for parts like throttle bodies and the intake manifold. Time and natural wear and tear can cause seals to dry up and leak. This causes vacuum leaks, but these vacuum leaks are harder to notice. Because of this, all of your Acura’s gaskets and seals should be checked regularly.

Leaking Brake Booster

If your car uses a brake booster in the power braking system, it can be susceptible to a vacuum leak if the diaphragm in the brake booster malfunctions. There are a few ways to detect this failure. If you notice your brake pedal is hard to press and resisting and/or the check engine light illuminates, bring your Acura in to have the brake booster looked at.

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Acura Vaccum Hose Leak Check

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