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Car Damaged Spark Plug

Replace Your Car’s Spark Plugs at an Authorized Service Center in Lowell

by Mechanics Direct October 14, 2020

A car is a complex piece of machinery that needs to be maintained over time to ensure the high-performance you know and enjoy. The spark plugs in your vehicle are some of the least discussed parts that go into the vehicle.

In the engine bay, a series of controlled miniature explosions are what provide your car the power it needs. When the air and fuel are mixed in the engine bay, the pistons of your vehicle compress the two into a smaller area, making them even more volatile.

At the optimal time, a spark is provided that ignites the mixture and sends the piston flying back down. This moves the crankshaft and provides the vehicle with power. You probably guessed that the spark plugs were the source of this all-too-necessary spark.

Should you suspect that your spark plugs are going bad, don’t hesitate to take your car in to be serviced. Spark plugs are a key component of your car, and you risk a no-start condition if you refuse to get them replaced.

Signs of Faulty Spark Plugs

Any driver should be wary of the following signs. Keep a keen eye for any of these when you believe you may have faulty spark plugs. It is worth noting that your factory spark plugs can last up to 100,000 miles in some cases, but non-natural causes can cause them to fail sooner.

Slower Acceleration

Spark plugs are the reason your engine runs smoothly. If some of your spark plugs have gone bad, the pistons in the engine bay may not be firing at the correct time. This can result in a noticeable, drastically-worse performance if trying to accelerate from a complete stop.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Your spark plugs send the pistons down in order to power the crankshaft. They also are responsible for your car’s optimal fuel efficiency. If they don’t fire when they should, you may begin to notice that you are getting worse gas mileage. This can happen as the wrong amount of fuel is mixed with air.

Misfiring Engine

The fuel, oxygen, and spark under the hood have a specific order for the car to function properly. Any change in that sequence may result in an engine misfiring. Faulty spark plugs are the leading reason for misfiring engines.

Why You Should Replace Your Spark Plugs

Naturally-worn spark plugs cause issues for the engine. Your pistons may not function properly and the engine may simply refuse to work. Your spark plugs even affect the exhaust system, as various misfires can dramatically increase the harmful emissions released from your vehicle.

Additionally, the performance of any car takes a big hit when the spark plugs go bad, so much so that you may feel you are driving a different car.

Another large reason to replace your spark plugs is a build up of fuel that can harm your catalytic converter. The catalytic converter changes toxic gases to harmless ones. The raised temperature in the catalytic converter due to engine misfire can actually lead to a degradation of necessary parts. It can damage the functionality of the catalytic converter. This in itself can be an expensive fix.

Car Spark Plug Replacement

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