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Subaru Illuminated Check Engine Light

Signs of an Air Pump Valve Failure in Your Subaru

by Mechanics Direct July 19, 2021

Subarus are known for being eco-friendly vehicles, and their air pump valves play a significant role in this. As part of your vehicle’s secondary air injection system, these valves help reduce the emissions that your vehicle produces.

A malfunctioning air pump valve can have serious consequences for both your vehicle and the environment. Keep reading to find out how you can identify a failing air pump valve and what you can do to resolve the problem.

The Air Pump Valve’s Purpose

A Subaru‘s secondary air injection system is responsible for sending air into the exhaust, and it accomplishes this objective via the air pump valves. More specifically, the air pump valves simultaneously force air into the exhaust and prevent exhaust fumes from traveling back up into the rest of the air injection system. This allows the air and exhaust fumes to combine in the exhaust in a process that burns unused fuel and decreases your vehicle’s emissions.Thus, your Subaru’s air pump valves help keep your vehicle environmentally friendly.

Symptoms of Air Pump Valve Failure

There are three main symptoms that may indicate that your Subaru’s air pump valves are failing.

First, an illuminated check engine light is a common symptom of secondary air injection system problems. The secondary air injection system, including the air pump valves, is controlled by your vehicle’s onboard computer. So if the system begins to malfunction, there is a strong chance that it will set off the check engine light.

Of course, a variety of other factors may also cause check engine light illumination, so if your vehicle’s check engine light turns on and you’re not entirely sure why, you may want to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic for a formal diagnosis of the problem.

Another sign of air pump valve failure is strong exhaust fume odors coming from your vehicle. When an air pump valve fails, exhaust fumes may begin leaking into the secondary air injection system. As these fumes are recycled through the system and back into the exhaust, they will grow stronger and stronger until they eventually become noticeable.

Much like an illuminated check engine light, there are several other factors that may cause increased exhaust fume odors. However, these odors almost always indicate a malfunction in or near the exhaust system, so if you notice that your vehicle smells strongly of gasoline, you should bring it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

The third common symptom of air pump valve issues is failure of your vehicle to pass an emissions test. Emissions testing is a procedure designed to accurately measure the pollutants that your vehicle emits into the environment. As such, because air pump valve malfunctions increase your vehicle’s emissions, severe issues may cause your Subaru to fail an emissions test. This may make your vehicle ineligible for registration, which can lead to a variety of fees and fines. Air pump valve failure can be harmful to both the environment and your wallet.

Fixing the Problem

Because air pump valve failure is so harmful, you should attempt to prevent it by regularly bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance. If failure occurs despite your best efforts, do not try to solve the problem on your own. Your Subaru’s secondary air injection system is a complex network of several connected parts, and incorrectly handling the air pump valves may cause damage elsewhere in the system.

Instead of risking damage to your car by DIY-ing the job, take your vehicle to a certified professional to have the problem diagnosed and addressed. Doing so will ensure that your Subaru’s air pump valves are fixed efficiently, safely, and thoroughly.

Subaru Air Pump Valve Failure Fix

Mechanics Direct For Your Subaru

We all want to play our part in keeping the environment healthy, so if a broken air pump valve is sending your vehicle’s emissions through the roof, then chances are you’ll want the problem resolved right away.

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