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Lexus Noisy Engine

Steps to Take for a Noisy Engine in Your Lexus

by Mechanics Direct January 19, 2021

Do you have to turn up the radio every time you get in your car just so you don’t hear annoying noises coming from your car’s engine? You shouldn’t have to deal with a noisy engine in your Lexus.

If you’ve noticed odd noises coming from your engine, it could be caused by a wide range of things. Occasionally, they’re harmless, but they are often the sign of a serious underlying problem. If left untreated, could lead to engine failure and thousands of dollars of damage.

We’ll give you an understanding of the cause of several different engine noises and also some advice on what to do next.

Knocking or Pinging

If you’ve noticed a sound like a thump or a ping, it is most likely caused by an engine problem called engine knocking. When engine knocking is at its worst, it can sound like marbles are rolling around inside your Lexus engine.

Engine knocking is caused by an improper air-fuel mixture, which can be caused by a wide range of problems with your car’s fuel delivery system. Because the air-fuel mixture is incorrect, combustion timing will be thrown out of balance. The mixture will combust in concentrated pockets rather than in even bursts.

Start by checking to make sure that you are using the right type of gasoline for your Lexus, and then check the spark plugs to make sure that they are clean and then the fuel injectors.

Whining Sound

A high-pitched whining sound coming from your engine is nothing to ignore. If you notice that the whining increases in volume when you are accelerating, it is most likely caused by a bearing that is about to fail.

This information may not be extremely helpful because there are bearings located all throughout your Lexus engine and basically all engine systems. If you have an automotive engine scanner, it should be able to inform you of where the issue is coming from. If not, it’s probably best to visit a professional mechanic.

Grinding Sound

If you hear a grinding sound coming from your engine, there may be engine parts rubbing against each other without being properly lubricated due to a low oil level. Most modern cars will let you know if your engine is low on oil, but if you’re driving an older Lexus model, be sure to check your oil level regularly. If you think the lack of oil may be related to a leak, get a highly-trained mechanic to check it out right away.


Ratting, particularly after a cold start, could be caused by a worn timing chain. There is naturally a low level of rattling in many newer cars, but if the rattling seems excessive or worsens, then the timing chain may be in need of replacement. A worn timing chain may do serious damage to your engine if not fixed.

Squealing or Shrieking During Acceleration

This is a pretty common noise that you may hear. It is usually caused by issues with one or more of the belts in your car, either the power steering or the AC compressor. A squeal or shriek typically means that the belts are worn down and are slipping on the pulley to which they are attached, which happens over time. It is recommended to get the belts replaced before the problem worsens and they snap completely.

Lexus Oil Level Check

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