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Acura Transmission Issue

The Best Garage to Fix a Slipping Transmission in Your Acura in Lowell

by Mechanics Direct April 12, 2021

Even though Acuras are reliable, powerful vehicles, they are not invincible, and they can sometimes fall prey to problems such as transmission slipping. A slipping transmission can have serious consequences for both your vehicle and your safety, and if left untreated for long enough, may even cause your Acura to break down entirely. To help you prevent this, here are some basics you should know about identifying and fixing a slipping transmission.

Common Causes of Transmission Slippage

Your Acura’s transmission is a complicated system with many moving parts. As such, there are several factors that can cause it to slip. The most common cause of transmission slippage is low transmission fluid levels.

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid is essential to the transmission’s function, as it both lubricates and cools the system. If your vehicle’s transmission runs out of this fluid, then its gears will grind roughly against each other, generating a lot of heat and causing the system to slip out of place. Similarly, burned or contaminated fluid can also have negative effects on your Acura’s transmission.

Another factor that may cause your vehicle’s transmission to slip is broken transmission bands. These bands hold the transmission’s gears together, and as a result, they are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. Over time, these temperatures and pressures can wear down the bands, causing them to snap and allowing the attached gears to slip.

Additionally, transmission slippage can also be caused by problems with the gears themselves. Much like the transmission bands, these gears are consistently exposed to extreme stressors and are likely to wear down over time. If the teeth of the gears wear down enough, they might not be able to grip onto each other, resulting in slippage.

Finally, a broken solenoid or torque converter may also result in transmission slippage. Your Acura’s solenoids are responsible for maintaining adequate pressure within the transmission system. Therefore, if they break, the transmission may not receive enough pressure to keep it from slipping. Similarly, the torque converter provides a direct connection between the transmission and the engine, and if it breaks, the transmission may not be able to switch gears correctly.

How to Tell if Your Acura’s Transmission is Slipping

Regardless of the underlying cause, a slipping transmission is a significant problem that can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy issue to identify. One of the most noticeable symptoms of a slipping transmission is an egg-like smell coming from your vehicle. This smell occurs when a transmission’s components grind together without proper lubrication and indicates that serious damage is being done to the system.

In addition, a slipping transmission can also result in decreased fuel economy and a higher RPM than normal. If left unaddressed, the problem may eventually render your vehicle unable to move at all. If you suspect that your Acura’s transmission is slipping, you should try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Fixing the Problem

Your Acura’s transmission is a complex system with multiple moving parts. Accordingly, if you suspect that it is slipping, you should not try to fix the problem on your own. Attempting to do so may cause harm to you or your vehicle, and may even make the situation worse.

Instead of risking this, you should take your Acura to an experienced mechanic. Not only will they be able to easily identify the cause behind the transmission slippage, but they will also be able to solve the problem safely and efficiently, getting you back on the road in no time.

Acura Transmission Repair

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