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The Best Repair Shop in Lowell to Fix a Fuel Pump Relay Failure in Your Acura

by Mechanics Direct June 1, 2021

Acuras can develop problems with their fuel pump relay, which is an important part to keep your vehicle running. This component provides energy to power on and off the fuel pump. Below we will discuss some common signs of a failed fuel pump relay.

The Fuel Pump Relay

A fuel pump relay is the direct power source to the fuel pump itself. The fuel pump transfers gas or diesel from the fuel tank directly to the carburetor of an internal combustion engine. Without fuel being supplied, your vehicle simply cannot function.

The fuel pump is controlled by the engine. When you turn the key in the ignition to on, it sends a signal to your fuel pump relay to turn on the fuel pump. When you turn off your vehicle it lets the relay know the fuel pump is not needed and turns it off.

In your Acura, the fuel pump is typically found in the fuse box within the driver’s door kick panel. It can vary from vehicle to vehicle so it is important to check your owners manual to verify placement.

Warning Signs

Your Acura’s fuel pump relay can fail for many reasons. Whether it be a sudden increased electrical current, or simply too much dust, there are many warning signs to watch out for. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into these signs below:

  • Check engine light: When the check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard, your vehicle is trying to alert you that a problem has arisen.
  • Engine stalls: A faulty fuel pump relay cuts power completely to the fuel pump. When this happens, the fuel pump is unable to supply the needed gas to your engine, thus causing your engine to stall.
  • Rough acceleration: A faulty or failed relay affects the delivery of fuel to the combustion chamber.
  • The engine does not start: This may be the most obvious to alert you to any problem within your Acura. Your vehicle may crank, but it is not able to start without a properly functioning fuel pump.

If you experience any of the signs or any problems at all in your Acura, you want to seek an expert technician quickly for a diagnosis. If your technician suspects the fuel pump relay has gone bad, they will use a scanner or a code reader to determine if one of your relays has little to no power.

How to Prevent Fuel Pump Relay Problems

Routinely checking that all fuses within your fuse box have power is a great way to ensure the functionality of these important parts. While the failure of a relay is not entirely preventable, as electrical problems can occur at any time, it is fairly inexpensive to replace a relay at the first sign of failure. Inside the owner’s manual of your vehicle, you should be able to find routine maintenance suggestions.

Acura Fuel Pump Relay Inspection

Mechanics Direct for Fuel Pump Relay Failure

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