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The Leading Shop in Lowell For Ignition Module Replacement of Your BMW

by Mechanics Direct August 4, 2021

The ignition module is responsible for turning over the ignition coil. Think of the ignition module as breakers, like in your home breaker box. They function by sending a spark to the coil. Without this spark, your car can not start.

When you turn the key in your engine, these breakers are tripped. This starts a chain reaction, like when you push over one domino, and the other dominoes nearby fall as a result. This part of your car is absolutely essential to start your vehicle and for your BMW to function properly.

What causes an ignition module to fail?

There are many different reasons an ignition module can fail. Some common causes include an overheating engine, wiring issues, poor electrical connections, and engine failure. Electrical issues in your BMW are the most common reason for a failed ignition module. Electrical problems can be several things, such as a problem in the wiring harness, a bad fuse, or poor connections.

Minor components of the ignition module could also wear down and then give out over time. The most common cause of this is an overheating engine. Excessive amounts of heat under your hood can damage the plastic components over an extended period. You can also run into issues due to simple wear and tear when these parts are old and have not been replaced in a long time.

The Top 5 Symptoms of a Failing Ignition Module

Below, we’ve put together the five most common signs to look for if you suspect problems in your ignition module.

  • You have issues starting your car: Without a good working ignition module, you will not be able to start your car. When the ignition module in your BMW starts to malfunction, you will have an issue starting your car once in a while. Whenever something like this happens, you should contact your mechanic as this signifies a more significant problem which could leave you stranded if not fixed right away.
  • Your engine is misfiring: An engine misfires when there is not sufficient power or energy being delivered to the engine. As the driver, you may notice a slight hesitation, or it may even feel like the car is vibrating or shaking.
  • You have decreased power or hesitation within the engine: Another symptom that your ignition module may be on the way out is that you notice decreased power or hesitation in your engine. This will be most noticed when you are trying to accelerate. Whenever you have this type of issue, you should seek service right away. There are certain situations while driving that the inability to quickly accelerate can be very dangerous. For example, suppose your car fails to accelerate at the expected speed when you are merging from an on-ramp to a highway or thruway. In that case, the car coming up behind you could hit you at a high rate of speed because they expected you to gain power to merge with their speed.
  • You have lower fuel efficiency: You may find that your overall fuel efficiency is lower than before. In this situation, the first thing you will notice is that you are filling up your gas tank more often. When your BMW is not running efficiently, it will not get good gas mileage. All the components of your engine and leading to your engine need to work together in tandem or your fuel efficiency can suffer.
  • Your engine is stalling: Finally, when the ignition module is failing or it is already faulty, the engine timing will become inconsistent. As a result, your BMW will start to stall. One of the main reasons a vehicle’s engine stalls is because the combustion process was interrupted.

BMW Damaged Ignition Coil Change

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