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BMW Ignition Issue

The Most Sought After Repair Shop in Lowell to Fix Electronic Issues in a BMW

by Mechanics Direct June 2, 2022

Electronic issues in a BMW can pose a big problem for the car. If not properly taken care of, it can result in bigger issues that can bring your model to a halt. As you detect an electronic problem, visit our mechanics for help. Let’s take a closer look at common BMW electrical problems.

Most Prevalent Electronic Issues in a BMW

There are several common electronics-related problems that can affect your BMW:

  • Ignition issues: This encompasses problems with the starter, ignition coils, and other devices used to provide the spark to your engine.
  • Dead battery: After a few years, your BMW’s battery may experience wear and tear. Usually, a good BMW battery should last you 4years. After this, the battery may begin to show signs of weakness.
  • Alternator problem: Most times, these problems show themselves as a dim headlight or issues with the heating or cooling system of your BMW. However, when your alternator fails completely, your car will no longer start or run.
  • Damaged cables: Broken cables can be the cause of your battery problem.
  • Fuse failure: A faulty fuse can lead to a more complex electrical problem.
  • Damaged alternator belt: If the alternator belt has broken or is no longer working, there will be a lack of battery charge, and your BMW will not start.

Causes of Electronic Issues in a BMW

Below are the most prevalent reasons of electronic issues in a BMW:

  • Dead battery: Having a dead battery is as good as having no car at all. A slowly-dying battery could further deteriorate into worse electronic problems, so if you notice problems with starting, it’s a good idea to have our professionals check your battery. This is quick and easy, so come if you begin to suspect a problem.
  • Stuck relay: The relay switches are responsible for the transmission of electricity in your BMW. They work automatically but can get stuck. This will result in it staying on even when the car is turned off. While on, it will keep supplying electricity, which will invariably drain the battery of your car. This can even short-circuit the device that is constantly receiving the power without demand.

Signs That Your BMW is Having Electronic Issues

The earlier the problem is detected in your BMW, the quicker you can get it fixed and save yourself from spending more. Here are some signs that show that your BMW is having electronic issues:

  • Dim or blinking headlights: Your headlights are telltale of an electronic problem. If your headlights are dim or blinking, this is a sign that your BMW may have a dying battery, loose wires, or malfunctioning alternator belt.
  • Blown out fuse: This is most times a sign of a bigger problem. Fuses are designed to blow out to protect other electronic devices in the car, but when this keeps occurring, there is an underlying problem.
  • The smell of burning plastics: It is not natural for your BMW to give off a burning smell while on the road. When you notice this smell, it is advisable that you stop driving. This could be an indication of an electronic problem with your BMW. The best course of action is to get your BMW towed to a reliable mechanic.

Fixing Electronic Issues in Your BMW

BMWs are expertly-designed cars that provide drivers with an amazing road experience, but they are mechanical and are in constant use in your daily routine. Anytime you suspect that something is amiss with you car, trust your instincts and bring it into a trusted shop with master mechanics who are well-educated, trained, and familiar with your BMW model.

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