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Mercedes Oil Pressure Light Illumination

Tips to Detect a Failing Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch from the Experts in Lowell

by Mechanics Direct May 27, 2020

The oil pressure switch is the component responsible for turning on or off the oil warning light of the driver dashboard. The oil pressure of the engine must fall below the critical level for there to be a warning issued through the engine control unit (ECU) and, ultimately, for the light to be turned on. (This level is preset by the manufacturer.)  The oil pressure switch may be located in different areas, depending on the way the engine was engineered, but it is usually either in the cylinder block of the engine or in the oil filter housing. Some may also be located in the engine head.

The Dangers of a Bad or Failing Oil Pressure Switch

A bad or somehow damaged oil pressure switch is nothing to take lightly. Although the effects may not seem very straight-forward, given how small and indirectly this component functions, a failing oil pressure switch may lead to very serious problems with your Mercedes.

Primarily, it will not be able to keep proper track of the status or amount of oil in your engine. Without the appropriate amount of oil, your Mercedes is unable to be properly lubricated, and it may sustain significant damage. This may even leave your vehicle inoperable. If you suspect an issue with the oil pressure switch of your Mercedes, take a look at some of the symptoms below and see if they help to confirm the problem. It is also strongly advised that you contact a licensed mechanic as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your Mercedes.

Signs Your Oil Pressure Switch May Be Failing

Below are some of the symptoms you may notice if your Mercedes is experiencing a problem with the oil pressure switch:

Oil Pressure Light is Illuminated

Of course, because the oil pressure switch works so closely with the ECU, one of the first and most reliable signs you can look for if you suspect there to be an issue with the oil pressure switch is the oil pressure light on your dashboard. This sign is particularly important when you check the oil levels of the engine and they are not accurately represented by the oil light. This may mean that the light has alerted you to an issue of low oil, when in fact, the oil levels are just fine. On the other hand, it may not alert you at all, and to your dismay, you find that your oil levels have been low for some time without any alert from the ECU. Either of these may happen because a bad oil pressure switch is prone to inaccurate readings of the engine’s oil levels.

Blinking Oil Light

This is an extension of the issue with inaccurate readings, wherein the oil light will be giving inaccurate readings so regularly that the light continues to turn on and off.

Inaccurate Readings on the Oil Pressure Gauge

Again, this is simply another manifestation of the inaccurate readings that come with a bad oil pressure switch. If you happen to notice that your oil pressure gauge is reading unusually high or even down to zero, this may be a direct indication that something odd is happening with the oil pressure switch and you need to get it checked out.

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Mercedes Oil Level Check

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