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Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Lowell to Fix Daytime Running Light Issues in Your Toyota Corolla

by Mechanics Direct May 16, 2021

Gone are the days when the only lights on your vehicle you had to worry about were headlights, taillight, and brake lights. Now, Toyota Corollas have additional lights that you need to pay attention to, which include fog lights and daytime running lights.

The number one purpose behind the invention of daytime running lights is to enhance the safety of you, your passengers, and other vehicles by increasing visibility. One would think that visibility would be simple during the daytime hours, but that’s not always so. Daytime running lights increase visibility during times when the sun is not directly overhead, such as at dawn or dusk.

Daytime running lights include your parking lights and the LED lights that surround your headlights and taillights. Depending on your particular vehicle, these lights may be designed to automatically come on as soon as you start your car or may not come on until you shift your vehicle into a gear other than the park position.

How to Tell if Your Daytime Running Lights are Faulty

The most obvious way to tell if your daytime running lights are bad is if they aren’t shining. Perhaps they won’t come on when you start your engine or shift into gear or maybe they are turning on only intermittently as you’re driving.

Many vehicles with Daytime Running Lights have a DRL light on the dashboard. This DRL light should come on momentarily when your daytime running lights come on, then shut off if everything is working correctly. If the DRL light stays on, this could indicate an issue with your daytime running lights which could range anywhere from a bulb being out to a wiring issue.

If the DRL light is on, but your daytime running lights seem fine, then it is technically still safe for you to drive but you will probably want to have your Toyota Corolla inspected by a reputable service center before your lights go out due to some underlying issue.

Another sign of potential problems with your daytime running lights is a burning smell coming from the daytime running light module. The system can overheat if the daytime running light module on your Toyota Corolla has any issues that are interfering with the appropriate regulation of power to the lamps, the bulbs, wiring, or the module itself.

An overheated running light module will often result in a burning smell being emitted from the engine bay and might actually cause a little smoke as well. If this issue is not fixed by a reliable mechanic, the issue could quickly turn into a major safety hazard.

What Can Cause Your Running Lights to Go Bad

One common cause for bad running lights is normal aging. Just like with any other component on your Toyota Corolla, your light bulbs or wiring could simply go bad over time. If this happens you may simply need to replace a bulb or have a competent mechanic check the other components for replacement.

A little bit of water doesn’t seem like it could cause much damage but it doesn’t take much to get inside a crack in the lens and cause the wiring to go bad.

Your wiring to your daytime running lights could go bad. Wires can become corroded over time or develop shorts in them, both of which can interfere with the use of the lights.

The daytime running light module is the component that is necessary for the proper function of the daytime running lights on many newer vehicles. The wires and components in this module can go bad due to moisture or normal aging issues. If you suspect there are issues with your daytime running light module, you should have your vehicle inspected at our trusted service center.

Toyota Corolla Daytime Running Light Issue Fix

Mechanics Direct will Fix Your Daytime Running Lights in Your Toyota Corolla

If you are having issues with the daytime running lights in your Toyota Corolla or any other vehicle and you live in the North Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Dracut, Tyngsborough, Westford, Lowell, MA areas, then Mechanics Direct is the preferred auto repair shop for you. We look forward to earning your business, so don’t wait. Call us today for a convenient appointment.

* Toyota Corolla image credit goes to: G0d4ather.