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Acura Airbag Warning Light

What Can Lead to Airbag & Seatbelt Failure in Your Acura?

by Mechanics Direct March 4, 2020

Acura is a brand that is known for its value and reliability. Although marketed as a luxury brand, they are relatively inexpensive to own and well worth the cost. Car enthusiasts say are some of the most fun cars to drive. However, as with any car, there are potential safety issues that can occur. A very concerning issue is that of airbag and seatbelt failure, which is not unique to Acura by any means. To ensure your safety, in this article we will explore the potential causes of airbag and seatbelt failure in your Acura.

The Importance of Properly Functioning Safety Equipment

The invention of the seatbelt was a revolution in automotive engineering; add the airbag to the seatbelt and driver safety went to an alltime high. However, when these parts fail or function improperly, severe injury or even death could result.

Airbags that deploy in a high speed crash can save the lives of everyone in the vehicle, but if they deploy at the wrong time, it could be fatal. Similarly, seat belts can cause injury or death when worn improperly or when their constituent parts fail. If you suspect that any of your Acura’s safety features could be malfunctioning, immediately take your car to a qualified technician to be serviced.

Potential Causes of Failures

There are many potential causes of airbag and seatbelt failures in your Acura. For one thing, many Acura models have been recalled due to faulty airbags and seat belt buckles. To be sure if your Acura is under recall, either call the manufacturer or go to their website to find out. You should never put this off, since this safety issue could result in traumatic losses. That said, let’s talk about potential causes of failures.

If there is a problem with the airbag in your Acura, the airbag light on the dashboard will be illuminated. Any of the following issues could trigger the airbag light:

Airbag – Seat Belt Sensor Malfunction

The components of safety features in your Acura are designed to be reliable. However, everything electrical or mechanical wears out with time. The passenger airbag in a vehicle is activated either when there is someone sitting in the passenger seat or when the seatbelt is fastened. In some cases, the sensor inside the seat belt buckle, which is meant to communicate with the airbag module, gets disconnected. When that happens, the airbag will not engage and the passenger will be in danger.

Interference with the Sensor

Alternatively, if the sensor itself is not disconnected or broken, small items like coins or buttons can interfere with the sensor, preventing it from activating the airbag even when the seat belt buckle is fastened. Keep an eye on the airbag warning light.

Electrical Malfunctions

Some Acura owners have reported that even when the faulty parts are replaced and the seat belt buckles are free of obstructing items, the airbag will still fail to engage. It is likely that this is due to a problem with the electrical system between the buckle sensor and the airbag module.

Damaged Clockspring

The clockspring is a component which allows the driver to turn the steering wheel, while maintaining electrical connectivity between the airbag and the rest of the electrical components involved in the steering wheel itself. If this part malfunctions, the airbag won’t work.

Prior Accident

If you have been in a minor accident in the past or one day hit a curb that activated your Acura’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) modules, it’s possible that the airbag didn’t deploy because the crash was not severe enough to trigger it. However, if the SRS was triggered, then it needs to be reset to factory defaults in order for the seat belt lock and airbag systems to be active and ready.

Mechanics Direct Can Diagnose These Issues

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