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Subaru Cracked Windshield

What Causes Windshields to Crack in a Subaru in Lowell?

by Mechanics Direct June 18, 2022

Subaru is a Japanese automaker known for making all-wheel drive standard vehicles. Some of the main models include Impreza, Ascent, and the Crosstreck. While Subaru vehicles are highly rated in safety, there are concerns about their windshield cracking spontaneously.

These cracks start from the point of impact and gradually spread out over time. They develop quickly, beginning at the underside of the windshield to the wiper area. More shockingly, new Subaru cars, with just a few thousand miles on the odometer, are not left out.

Possible Causes of Cracks in Subaru Windshields

The adoption of acoustic windshields

Acoustic windshields are more effective at sound dampening than standard windshields. The additional layers of soundproofing can make a significant difference in curtailing outside noises from winds, tires, etc.

While acoustic windshields seem to be a great improvement, they appear to be the likely cause of cracks in Subaru vehicles. Complaints about windshield cracks in Subaru models heightened around the same time Subaru made the switch to acoustic windshields. The good news is that the acoustic windshield is repairable, usually at no cost to you.

Lightweight Glass

Subaru cars are known for their great mileage. The manufacturer has rolled out lightweight glass alternatives in windshields, side windows, and sunroofs. This weight reduction means better fuel efficiency. However, it is believed that these lightweight glasses are tougher than traditional laminate, which has not been the case for Subaru vehicles.

De-Icer Adhesion Issues

Subaru was slammed with a lawsuit in 2017 when a Californian woman claimed her Subaru Outback developed a crack that had spontaneously appeared at the windshield base.

The company was forced to admit that certain compounds adhered the de-icer to the lower portion of the windshield. This created a problem where the glass becomes more vulnerable to cracking once there is a minor wound from outside forces.

Subaru of America agreed to a settlement of the cracked windshield lawsuit against it. The manufacturing giant had to issue a warranty extension to 2015 and early production of 2016 legacy and Outback vehicles.

How dangerous is a cracked windshield?

Ignoring the cracks on your windshield as merely cosmetic could lead to dire consequences in the long run. Aside from being an unsightly flaw to your car’s appearance, a cracked windshield poses a safety hazard on the road. Here are some implications of driving with a cracked windshield.

  • Tiny Crack, Big Problem: Cracks in the windshield can spread quickly. What appears as a tiny nick in the glass can morph into a spiderweb of cracks by merely hitting a pothole later down the road. This can lead to anxiety and worry about your windshield falling apart. While they are designed to shatter into tiny pieces to protect you from being cut in an accident, no one wants the worry of shattered glass while they are driving.
  • Obstructs visibility: Windshield cracks in your line of sight can obstruct your vision, especially in low light or in bad weather. Driving with obstructed vision increases your chances of being involved in a collision or a road pile-up. Furthermore, a cracked windshield is a constant source of distraction. It reflects sunlight resulting in a blinding glare that could put you and your occupants in your car in grave danger.
  • Ineffective deployment of airbags: Your car windshield is designed to help keep you inside the car during an accident while the airbags properly deploy in a major collision. However, a cracked windshield may cause it to shatter entirely, putting you in danger. Windshields are usually repaired for free through your insurance when the crack was caused by a rock or debris hitting the windshield while driving, so give them a call right away.

How to Deal with a Cracked Windshield

The best way of dealing with a cracked windshield is to get it checked and replaced by professionals. You might come across some DIY solutions that may seem like a quick fix to your cracked windshield. Nonetheless, you must note that a poorly installed windshield can put your life at great risk.

Subaru Cracked Windshield Repair

Replace Your Subaru’s Cracked Windshield at Mechanics Direct

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