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Honda Transmission

When and Where Should You Change the Transmission of Your Honda?

by Mechanics Direct June 17, 2021

The transmission is one of the most essential parts of your Honda, allowing your engine to safely drive at different speeds. It takes more abuse than most other parts of your vehicle, and it may need to be replaced sooner than you think.

The most proactive thing that you can do in this situation is learn the signs of failure, how to prevent it in the future, and when and where to go for transmission replacement and maintenance before the issue worsens.

Contributing Factors of Transmission Failure in Honda

Knowing what may contribute to the breakdown of your Honda’s transmission may allow you to avoid the problem in the future, saving ample money and time. It will also aid you in your quest to diagnose failure and bring your vehicle to a trustworthy shop quickly.

  • Neglect of regular vehicle maintenance can cause a transmission to wear prematurely. Transmission fluid changes are key to longevity, and allowing the fluid levels to get low or dirty causes the various pieces of the transmission to grind together because there is not enough lubrication.
  • Car accidents can damage several parts of your Honda, and it’s common for the transmission to to sustain this damage.
  • Regular use of your car will wear down the transmission eventually. This is inevitable. This system will have to be replaced at some point, and this is no fault of your own.

Signs of Transmission Failure in Honda

No matter what caused this transmission failure, it’s always better to be vigilant and aware of the red flags that could mean this part needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.

  • Transmission slipping is a common sign of failure. Your Honda may switch gears uncontrollably, and it is vital to have your transmission inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible.
  • You are experiencing a transmission fluid leak. Fluid leaks occur for several reasons, and they contribute significantly to premature failure. Periodically check underneath your car for any puddles. If you do notice fluid and it is red or brown in color, it is most likely transmission fluid.
  • The illumination of the check engine light can be a warning sign of various issues in your Honda, and transmission failure is one of them. In conjunction with the other symptoms here, the chance becomes more likely.
  • Rough idling can be a symptom resulting from transmission malfunction, manifesting as a vibration or jerking of your car.

Preventing Transmission Failure

If you are dealing with transmission malfunction or failure in your Honda, the first step is to have your car serviced by a team of qualified auto mechanics. However, there are steps you can take in the future to prolong the life of this crucial part that will ultimately make your life easier.

  • Always keep a regular maintenance schedule. No matter the issue, trained professionals will be able to spot potential failure early on in most cases. You’ll also get the service that you need to prevent the issues from arising in the first place, i.e. oil change, tire rotation, transmission fluid replacement.
  • Take note of any changes in your driving experience, even if the changes seem small, such as filling your car up with fuel more quickly than usual. If you notice this, it is time to bring in your Honda for inspection and maintenance. Don’t ignore these small signs, because they can become big problems down the road.

When to Replace Honda Transmission

Your transmission should be replaced when your driver’s manual indicates so. Every model has a varied schedule for maintenance and replacements. The general consensus is that automatic transmissions need to be replaced between 150,000-200,000 miles or around the 7 year mark. Manual transmissions wear down according to an individual driver’s habits.

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Honda Transmission Service

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