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by Mechanics Direct August 1, 2018

Knowing when to bring in your vehicle for an oil change can be tricky as it depends upon several factors including your vehicle’s year, make and model, the weight of motor oil, and driving conditions. Other factors affecting your oil include your maintenance schedule, stop and go driving, and severe weather conditions.

While the standard used to be every 3,000 miles for most vehicles, the ASE-Certified auto mechanics at Mechanics Direct in Lowell, MA, recommend New England drivers have their oil changed every three to four months depending upon the type of oil you use. That’s because the harsh New England weather plays havoc with your car. Everything from rust and corrosion to potholes and poor road surfaces affects your vehicle, and high-quality, clean motor oil is critical to smooth, efficient engine performance.

Failure to change and replace your motor oil could result in catastrophic effects. While we do offer towing services, at Mechanics Direct, we never want to find you in this condition:

For oil change service and general auto repair you can trust, schedule your appointment with Mechanics Direct at 1375 Middlesex St. in Lowell, MA 01851. You’ll be glad you did!