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Where to Go in Lowell to Fix Your Mercedes’ Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure

by Mechanics Direct June 12, 2020

All vehicles have a set of components that help the engine do its job to take your car from point A to point B. Each main system is equipped with a sensor that will advise you if something is malfunctioning. The crankshaft position sensor monitors the functions of the crankshaft, which calculates engine management. If the crankshaft sensor malfunctions and cannot send accurate messages to other parts of the vehicle, the engine will not run.

Signs that the Crankshaft Position Sensor is Failing

Because the crankshaft position sensor directly affects the function of the engine, you will begin to notice very obvious signs of engine malfunction or failure. Your check engine light will illuminate, but there are others signs that can be far more obvious and immediate that will alert you to drive to a trusted professional for diagnostics and repairs.

Issues Starting the Car

If your crankshaft position sensor has failed, your engine will begin to malfunction. This can manifest in issues with starting the vehicle. Because the sensor monitors the components that allow for the engine to start, if it has malfunctioned, it cannot send messages to the other parts to make the engine run.

Signs of Engine Misfire

Engine misfire can be easily dismissed, as the problem can come and go. The symptoms of engine misfire can be jerking or lurching during attempts to accelerate, vibration, odd noises, or possibly even backfire. If your engine is showing any signs of misfire, it is important to have it looked at immediately, as it can lead to other more costly issues if left to progress without correction. Mechanical misfires can even lead to catastrophic engine failure, at worst.

Vibration, Idling, or Stalling

Vibration within the cabin of the car is caused by the misfiring of engine components due to lack of regulation. The stuttering of the engine as it attempts to complete its normal functions manifests in vibration, rough idling, or even stalling of the vehicle completely.

Reduced Acceleration and Gas Mileage

If the crankshaft sensor cannot send messages to regulate acceleration, you may notice a reduction in speeds or lurching when you attempt to accelerate. This is a direct symptom of an engine misfire due to sensor malfunction. Gas mileage will take a hit once your acceleration is affected, since your car will be unable to travel at the same distances in the same amount of time.

Do Not Ignore the Signs

In the worst case scenarios, a malfunction of the crankshaft position sensor can destroy engine productivity, which will lead to overheating. This can be a costly problem, as it will likely require a full engine replacement due to burnout and catastrophic engine failure.

These symptoms can also be a hazard to the drivability of your car and can lead to stall outs or accidents on the road. It is important to monitor your vehicle’s functions for irregularities, so when something begins to go wrong and you become suspicious, see a professional for your Mercedes immediately.

The damage that a simple sensor malfunction can cause is costly if not fixed. You also want to avoid worse damage and a risk to your safety. Also, no Mercedes driver wants to experience reduced performance in their beloved model.

Mechanics Direct Will Fix your Crankshaft Position Sensor

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Mercedes Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure Fix

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