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Honda AC System

Where to Go in Lowell to Repair an Ineffective AC in Your Honda

by Mechanics Direct December 15, 2021

Having a fully-functional AC in your Honda can make all the difference in a comfortable ride. No one likes to be in a place that’s stuffy and filled with hot air, and this is what happens when the AC stops working in your car. There are several reasons why the AC in your Honda may not be effective or can fail entirely.

The AC system in your Honda is made up of three important parts: the compressor, the evaporator, and the condenser. To cool your car, refrigerant is compressed into a high-pressure, high-temperature gas by the compressor before directing it into the condenser. The condenser then removes the heat and cools the high-pressure gas to form a high-pressure liquid. The receiver dryer then removes any traces of water from this high-pressure liquid before directing it into the thermal expansion valve.

At this point, the high-pressure liquid refrigerant expands and becomes a low pressure liquid, which then goes into the evaporator. The evaporator is located in the car’s interior. Once there, the low pressure refrigerant turns into gas again and exits the evaporator, taking with it the heat in the vehicle’s cabin. As this happens, the exterior of the compressor gets blown over by a fan that sends fresh, cool air into the car’s cabin. The low-pressure gas then goes back to the compressor and the cycle begins again.

Reasons for an Ineffective AC System

With all the components that form your Honda’s AC system, it’s not uncommon for something to break down and stop the whole thing from functioning as designed. Some of the common reasons for AC failure include leaking refrigerant.

Leaking refrigerant could be from a worn out sealing ring or worn out lines which wear out over time as you drive. When these components deteriorate, they may develop holes and cause leaks, which will affect a system that works on high pressure fluid, lowering the pressure.

While leaks cause low levels of refrigerant, the same thing can also happen with a fully-functional AC after covering a certain number of miles. This can be attributed to the car’s design that makes it possible to lose a significant amount of refrigerant every year. This is why you should get your Honda on a regular servicing schedule so the level of refrigerant can be topped up more often.

Another potential reason for an ineffective AC in your Honda is a dirty filter. This is the filter that keeps out foreign elements from getting into your cabin. These elements include dust and pollen. If the filter gets clogged from a buildup of these elements, it will be unable to allow free circulation of air in the cabin, thereby reducing the cooling effect.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to get the filters changed after hitting the manufacturer recommended number of miles. But depending on how dusty your location is, you may need to replace the filter even sooner. The key is to be vigilant and ensure proper regular servicing.

Other than the filters, the condenser in the AC system can also become clogged. This happens when grime, dust, or even a lot of pollen gets into the mesh gaps. This prevents the condenser from releasing heat from the refrigerant into the air outside. As a result, the condenser will be unable to cool off the air in the interior of the car. The same thing can also happen to your evaporator where dirt accumulates on the surface preventing it from working.

Compressor failure is also a major culprit in an ineffective AC. The compressor might get stuck for lack of use over a long time or for lack of lubrication the parts may wear out fast. The only solution for a compressor issue is replacement.

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