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by Mechanics Direct December 1, 2019

Mechanics Direct is chosen time and again by drivers throughout Lowell. Our clients trust our auto mechanics to take excellent care of their vehicle, from bumper to bumper. Because we are well-versed in the field of auto repair, we keep an eye out for issues known to cause your vehicle trouble. For drivers in the Lowell area, brakes tend to wear out quickly. You may be wondering why this is the case. Keep reading, as our team at Mechanics Direct has the answer.

Just as people are affected by Massachusetts’ frigid winter, our cars are also severely impacted by this cold season as well. Moisture and freezing temperatures are leading factors in why brakes are wearing out so quickly in Massachusetts. High moisture content in your brake fluid causes longer stopping times. In addition, moisture can freeze in your vehicle’s brake lines creating blockages that can be detrimental to your safety. Troublesome moisture and cold can also cause your metal brake rotors to rust or warp, your brake calipers to corrode/freeze in place, all of which can cause your brake pads to wear out prematurely.

At Mechanics Direct in Lowell, one of our expert mechanics will test drive your vehicle with you so you can point out any issues that you are experiencing. Then that same mechanic, assigned to you, will conduct a thorough inspection to accurately diagnose your vehicle’s brake system or any other vehicle problems. So, if something feels off, your brakes are feeling spongy, the brake pedal is going low, you hear squealing or clunking noises, contact our expert team of auto mechanics who will identify the underlying cause. We keep our lines of communication open with you throughout the whole auto service and repair process.

Our auto mechanics are proud to be the trusted source for auto repair among drivers in Lowell. You will be hard-pressed to find an auto repair shop with as much knowledge, equipment, and concern as ours. If you have any questions about your brakes, call Mechanics Direct or schedule your appointment online. We’re located at 1375 Middlesex St. in Lowell, MA 01851.